Standard ML Family GitHub Project

This is the web page for the Standard ML Family GitHub project (organization name: SMLFamily). This site is very much "under construction", and it is in the process of replacing the earlier SourceForge web site for (which now redirects to this page).

Project Description

The Standard ML Family project provides a home for online versions of various formal definitions of Standard ML, including the "Definition of Standard ML, Revised" (Standard ML 97). The site also supports coordination between different implementations of the Standard ML (SML) programming language by maintaining common resources such as the documentation for the Standard ML Basis Library and standard test suites. Our goal is to increase compatibility and resource sharing between Standard ML implementations.

Definitions of Standard ML

With the kind permission of MIT Press, we are able to make The Definition of Standard ML (SML '90) and The Definition of Standard ML (Revised) (SML '97) available for downloading as pdf files. These are (currently) formated for US letter page size. Printed copies of the SML '97 definition are still available from David MacQueen if you wish to join this organization and have access to the repositories.

Mailing lists

The SourceForge project hosts two mailing lists relating to Standard ML. Visit the info page for a list to subscribe.
Name: sml-implementers

Name: sml-list

Implementations of Standard ML

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